Hunny Bun Virgin Hair started out as an extension of a successful salon business.  Already experts in hair wearing and extensions, we realized that it would be foolish to not sell the hair that is used in the services that we provide to our loyal customers.  However, after reselling virgin hair forma a vendor, we realized that our hair isn't the top quality virgin hair that we required for our customers.   

After months of testing in search for the perfect virgin hair on the market, the Hunny Bun Virgin Hair brand was born. As far as we're concerned, no customer should ever experience hair that makes them feel less confident because of shedding or odors.


Instead, or customers can enjoy long-lasting, full-bodied hair that can be colored and styled without without compromising on quality. 

The journey to create the perfect virgin hair products has led to several store locations, countless relationships with stylists as well as loyal customers that appreciate premium virgin hair at a reasonable price.

And now the journey continues with the opportunity for entrepreneurs to jumpstart their beauty career in a new direction by providing customers with premium quality of virgin hair by Hunny Bun. While the possibilities for success are endless, we 

promise to help make setting up your foundation seamless and provide you with the resources you need for building your business and expanding your brand. 

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