When you speak, people listen and why wouldn't you be compensated for it?  As an Affiliate partner of Hunny Bun Virgin Hair, get free hair products to use from our selected hair selections and tell your followers about your experience. 

No purchase necessary. 

Great for: 

Beauty Influencers

Brand Ambassadors

make extra income as a

hunny bun hair affiliate

get free products as a

hunny bun hair affiliate

Earn while informing your followers by using Hunny Bun Virgin Hair.  By working with our marketing team, you can help bring brand awareness with free hair products being shipped out to you.  No purchase is necessary, although we will require specific numbers on viewership to be considered and will be given content direction based upon our current campaigns.


To be considered, fill out the form below.  Once you're registered and confirmed, invite your customers and friends to purchase their Hunny Bun Virgin Hair online using your unique purchase code.  Your followers can expect their Hunny Bun Virgin Hair to arrive in 3 business days. 

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